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As a Physical Therapy & Massage Therapy specialist, we pride ourselves in providing excellent care and collaborative treatment. Our philosophy is to offer timely, cost effective, client centered, evidence-based physiotherapy, sports physio services to positively enhance the quality of our client's lives.


Our core service goal is to help get you on your feet and back into action as soon as possible. Whether you’re a focused athlete, a casual exerciser, suffer from chronic pain, or need assistance in recovering from injury or surgery, we’re here for all that moves you. We have the expertise to rehabilitate a wide range of injuries sustained by everyone, from kids with concussions, to seniors recovering from hip surgery. See a Physiotherapist for effective, proven care and live your life!


Back Massage

Massage therapy is the hands-on manipulation of the soft tissue to help with circulation and promote healing. Therapeutic massage works to relieve muscle and joint pain, reduce stress and treatment is worked to meet the clients specific problem areas. On its own or paired with physio therapy; massage therapy can aid in speeding the healing process, so your body feels better faster.

WCB Injuries & Motor Vehicle Accidents

Construction Workers

We accept patients who has suffered work related injuries as our clinic has a contract with Workers' Compensation Board of Alberta. 



We bill most of the motor vehicle insurance companies for your convenience.



If you are recovering from a recent fracture or surgery you can still get direct access to physiotherapy without a doctor’s note. However, often in the case of a fracture or surgery it is important for your physiotherapist to communicate with your doctor to ensure that optimal interventions are being used.

Funding for fracture and surgery rehab can also be directly billed to many extended health care plans.








Whether you are recovering from an injury or simply want to be fit to play, we are here for you. Our highly experienced team of therapists will work with you to provide expert assessments and treatments to get you back in the game and prevent injury in the future. We are devoted to your health and to keeping you fit to play!!

Common injuries we treat are

  • Neck and low back pain

  • Sciatic pain

  • Sports injuries

  • Vertigo and dizziness

  • Rotator cuff injuries

  • Joint sprains and strains

  • Tendonitis

  • Arthritis

  • Any type of musculoskeletal pain



We are an exclusive testing facility for an occupational testing. Make an appointment at our clinic today or book online. 

  • Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCE)

  • Fitness to work Assessments

  • Return to work Assessments










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